Reiki Practitioner Training

Samantha has trained hundreds of Reiki 1, over 40 Level 2, and a select handful of Level 3 Practitioners. Over 75% of her students have proven to have great healing abilities and practice Reiki for a living. She can create customized programs for companies and individuals.



Reiki for People & Pets

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Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Hypoallergenic poodles are used for practice (Pet portion is optional.)

Fee: $225 per person



Reiki Level 1 $325

No prerequisite. You will learn the history of Reiki, the hand positions for treating yourself and others, meditation, and the power and benefits of Reiki energy. Following the instruction, you will receive an attunement giving you the ability to assist yourself and others in balancing the energy of your mind, body, and spirit with Reiki. Students will also practice their new Reiki energy by exchanging Reiki treatments with each other. At the completion of this course you receive your accredited Reiki I Practitioner certificate.



Reiki 2 & Master Practitioners are trained only after approval. Students must demonstrate certain abilities prior to approval. Samantha has attuned and trained over 40 Level 2 Practitioners and 4 Reiki Masters.


Reiki Level 2 $450

Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1 through a recognized program. Approval Required. You will expand your Reiki ability by learning to provide Reiki at a distance. Learn hand positions to assist with specific ailments and sending energy from a distant location. Students will gain knowledge of the Reiki symbols and their use, and will receive the level two attunement. At the completion of this course you receive your accredited Reiki II Practitioner certificate and special distance and strengthening symbols.


Reiki Master Level $1,500

Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1 & Level 2 through a recognized program. Application & approval required for Master Level. This level is for the serious student who wish to take their Reiki energy to a high level for personal or professional use. You will receive the master Reiki symbol and your master attunement. Master level teaches you the attunement processes for each level so you can teach Reiki and pass the energy on to others. At the completion of this course you will receive your accredited Reiki Master Practitioner certificate and all attunement information to teach and certify new Reiki Practitioners at any level.

-7 Spiritual Laws of Success Personal Lessons
-Assistance with writing your own training courses
-After obtaining your certificate you will have an optional phone/Skype meeting with Samantha 1-2 times a month to answer any questions and help keep you on track


Training Available in the Las Vegas /Summerlin, Nevada Areas, Vietnam, and World-wide

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*Rates are per person and do not include travel or expenses. Discounts are available for groups of 3 or more. Groups of 30+ accepted from world-wide locations.

English and Vietnamese training documents and presentations available.



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