Our Privacy Policy

Committed to Your Privacy

At YogaDesires.com your privacy is important. We want you to know you have control over how your information is used. We are not big fans of unsolicited contact. So we have no desire to use your information for any reason other than the intent you had in mind when you shared it with us.


What information do we collect from you? Why?

We may collect information needed to contact you later. If we collect personal contact information you can guarantee it will never be sold or given to a third party with the intent to contact you for any purpose other than the intended use you provided the information for. We value our clients and visitors and will protect your privacy and keep our contact with you to a minimum. If at any point in time you change your mind and you would like us to stop contacting you, please feel free to contact us and request to change the method or frequency of contact.

Samantha on a Wilderness Hike
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