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Primordial Sound Meditation is a healing practice that allows us to experience inner calm and deep relaxation. For thousands of years, people have used meditation to move beyond the mind's busy activity and emotional turbulence into profound peace and expanded awareness.

In the 21st century, the restful awareness we experience during meditation is more valuable than ever. The pace of life has accelerated, and every day we are bombarded with more information and stimulation than our ancestors encountered during entire lifetimes. Not surprisingly, the number of people suffering from stress, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic health problems is on the rise — and many are searching for peace of mind.

The most direct way to experience inner silence and well-being is meditation. As scientific research reveals, when you meditate, your breathing slows, blood pressure decreases, and stress hormone levels fall.

Primordial Sound Meditation isn't about forcing your mind to be quiet, but about experiencing the quiet that is already there. Even when your mind is filled with agitated thoughts, you still have access to the inner stillness and calm that always lies beneath the choppy surface of thought and emotion.

Even as your body is resting deeply in meditation, your mind is awake though quiet. The term "restful awareness" captures the unique combination of physical relaxation and an alert yet quiet mind.

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What is the story of Primordial Sound Meditation?

Dr. Deepak Chopra & Dr. David Simon of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing went on a quest through India years ago to find a form of meditation they both enjoyed and truly connected with. One day they heard this story:

Thousands of years ago there were these seerers that decided to sit down and figure out if the universe, all by itself, without the wind, or birds, or any other sounds made a sound all by itself So they sat and sat and sat listening... and one day decided the Universe not only had its own sound, but that sound changed every few hours in the same pattern over and over. So they began documenting the sounds and the patterns they went through.

Meditation is a way to glimpse into your soul. That true soul. The soul that has never been hurt, or conditioned, or forced to guard itself The true you with all it's innocence and purity. The way your soul was the day you were born.

Primordial Sound Meditation takes that moment your soul was pure, the moment you were born and using math & Vedic Astrology calculates the sound the universe was making the moment your soul entered this world and that sound, the true sound of the universe at that moment becomes the sound you think to yourself as you meditate.


Read Letters From Students

"This workshop is a realistic introduction to meditation that makes it something that can be achieved. I used to be intimidated by the concept of meditation, now I practice it! Thanks for making this achievable!"

"Sam, I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how much I enjoyed your meditation workshop. It's obvious that you have studied and practiced the subject with enthusiasm!! Meditation has become a very positive component in my life as it helps me relax my mind and relieve stress. I think your class is a definite must for anyone that pays attention to their health and well being.   Thank you very much,"

"...just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your two-part class!!! You are in my thoughts & dreams more than you could ever imagine..."

"My meditation journey has been breath-taking and I have felt a definite connection with my inner-self. Although I have not been able to encounter a 30 minute space or gap in time (except for once while I was waiting for... ....to begin last Wednesday morning!) 10 minute increments several times daily are do-able...It means a world of difference to me knowing that you care enough to see me embark on this new journey. The words of showing appreciation cannot convey what I feel in my heart & soul,yet I must close this note with a BIG THANK-YOU!!!!XOXO"



Details of Meditation Workshops

Primordial Sound Meditation (Chopra Center Certified Program)

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Discounts available for Students, Over 55, Military, & Special Cases.

Session 1 (1.5 - 2 hours)
Ancient Ceremony where you learn YOUR Personal Primordial Sound (45 Minutes)
Session 3 (1.5 - 2 hours)
Session 4 (1.5 - 2 hours)

-Your Personal Primordial Sound Mantra
-6 Additional General Mantras
-1 Mantra to help you sleep
-Page of various Arrow Prayers for Christian/Catholic Meditators
-Chopra Center Guidebook
-Power Point Handout
-CD Guided Meditation with Deepak Chopra
-Surprise Gifts
-Lifetime of contact for questions & guidance


Basics of Meditation Workshop

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Session 1 (2 hours)
Session 2 (1 - 1.5 hours)
Power Point Handout
6 General Mantras given to choose from
Lifetime of contact for questions & guidance


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Private Meditation Lessons

Contact us Private Sessions are available year-round

Private Chopra Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Program

You will receive everything the group Primordial Sound Meditation attendees receive, but in the privacy & comfort of where you prefer with that one on one personal attention you desire.
Full private program prices vary.


All Private Lessons are customized specifically for your needs and experience level... and yes, it is normal and many people do schedule private meditation sessions to have someone to meditate with and/or help get you back in the habit of meditating regularly.
Custom Private Meditation Session prices vary per hour.


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