Learn to Meditate, Reduce Stress, & Find Your Purpose

Learning to meditate seems simple enough.

  • STEP 1 Find the best style of meditation that is most comfortable for you
  • STEP 2 Find the most comfortablephysical position to be in during meditation
  • STEP 3 Find the best time of day to fit a regular daily meditation practice in to your life
  • STEP 4 Meditate
  • STEP 5 Repeat step 4 every day

But is is very normal to have questions and ask for the guidance of a person you trust to help you understand things as questions and answers come up during your meditations.

During your first session you will relax and share the reasons you have decided to begin meditating. Samantha will ask you some basic questions about yourself and then she will choose a few styles of meditation for you to "sample" and when you find the style that works best for you that's the one we will focus on. Each session after that guides you through fitting meditation in to your life. It's a very easy peaceful process. :)

These are some of the styles of meditation that Samantha teaches.


Primordial Sound Meditation (our most popular)

This is a Chopra Center Certified Program and our most popular form of meditation for many reasons. This is also one of the more popular forms of meditation for corporation workshops.

The Story (click here to read the story)

Dr. Deepak Chopra & Dr. David Simon of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing went on a quest through India years ago to find a form of meditation they both enjoyed and truly connected with. One day they heard this story:

Thousands of years ago there were these seerers that decided to sit down to decide if the universe, without the wind, or birds, or any other sounds made a sound all by itself. So they sat and sat and sat listening... and one day they decided the Universe not only had its own sound, but that sound changed every few hours in the same pattern over and over. So they began documenting the sounds and the patterns the sounds of the universe went through.

Meditation is a way to glimpse into your soul. That true soul. The soul that has never been hurt, or conditioned, or forced to guard itself. The true you with all it's innocence and purity. The way your soul was the day you were born.

Primordial Sound Meditation takes that moment your soul was pure, the moment when you were born and using math & Vedic Astrology calculates the sound the universe was making the moment your soul entered this world and that sound, the true sound of the universe at that moment becomes the sound you think to yourself as you meditate.

The Details /What's Included (click here for details)

Discounts available for Students, Over 55, Military, & Special Cases.

Session 1 (1.5 - 2 hours)
Ancient Ceremony where you learn YOUR Personal Primordial Sound (45 Minutes)
Session 3 (1.5 - 2 hours)
Session 4 (1.5 - 2 hours)

6 Additional General Mantras & 1 Mantra to help you sleep
Chopra Center Guidebook
Power Point Handout
CD Guided Meditation with Deepak Chopra
Surprise Gifts
Lifetime of contact for questions & guidance


Body Scan Meditation

Breath Meditation

Chakra Meditation

Christian /Catholic Meditation

Concentration Meditation

Counting Meditation

Guided Meditation

Mantra Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

So/Hum Meditation

Zen Buddhist Meditation



Confused about all your options? No worries, that's why Samantha is here. Send her an email or give her a call and she'll walk you through your options.


Contact us Private Sessions are available year-round at any location of your choice.

Benefits of Meditation


The Yantra Meditation


As you look at the yantra, allow your eyes to focus on its center. This dot in the center is called the Bindu, which represents the unity that underlies all the diversity of the physical world.

Now allow your eyes to see the triangle that encloses the bindu. The downward pointing triangle represents the feminine creative power, while the upward facing triangle represents male energy.

Allow your vision to expand to include the circles outside of the triangles. They represent the cycles of cosmic rhythms. The image of the circle embodies the notion that time has no beginning and no end. The farthest region of space and the innermost nucleus of an atom both pulsate with the same rhythmic energy of creation. That rhythm is within you and without you.

Bring your awareness to lotus petals outside the circle. Notice that they are pointing outwards, as if opening. They illustrate the unfolding of our understanding. The lotus also represents the heart, the seat of the Self. When the heart opens, understanding comes.

The square at the outside of the yantra represents the world of form, the material world that our senses show us, the illusion of separateness, of well defined edges and boundaries.

At the periphery of the figure are four T-shaped portals, or gateways. Notice that they point toward the interior of the yantra, the inner spaces of life. They represent our earthly passage from the external and material to the internal and sacred.

Now take a moment to gaze into the yantra, letting the different shapes and patterns emerge naturally, allowing your eyes to be held loosely in focus. Gaze at the center of the yantra on the page. Without moving your eyes, gradually begin to expand your field of vision.

Continue expanding your vision until you are taking in information from greater than 180 degrees. Notice that all this information was there all along, you just became aware of it.

Now slowly reverse the process by re-focusing back to the center of the yantra.

Now gently close your eyes. You may still see the yantra in your mindís eye. The patterns of creativity represented by these primordial shapes express the fundamental forces of nature. They govern the world and they govern you.