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Popular Topics

  • How to Handle Stress & Anxiety
  • Exercising at your Desk
  • Mid-afternoon wake up
  • Various Nutrition Programs
  • Finding Calm among Chaos
  • and more...


How Do these Topics Benefit Your Company or Event?

  • Strong, Healthy, & Happy Employees
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Creativity
  • Increased Mental and Emotional Balance
  • Increased Immune Systems
  • and more...

Samantha spent the first years of her adulthood in the Corporate world. (read bio) She now spends the majority of her time teaching people how to unwind from their stressful lives, live in the moment, and become happier and more productive in what they do.

As a Health & Wellness expert Samantha has the knowledge and experience to full fill the needs of individuals, small, and large (250+) groups. She can put together anything from a short 45 minute lunch presentation that improves productivity and reduces stress to a 10 day team/executive retreat to help strengthen teams, increase productivity and provide a more full-filled feeling from the work they do everyday.

Her enthusiasm, professional experience, and desire to help design and provide a specific custom program around your exact needs is what Samantha is known best for. She can customize everything from replacing words that make HR nervous to coming up with creative solutions to meet every single goal of your organization.

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Heavenly /Vail Resorts

Chopra Center