Corporate Program Frequently Asked Questions

Samantha has extensive experience creating programs that fit around corporate policies and employment laws. Here are answers to the most common questions asked.


Our Human Resources Department says we can't teach "meditation" or "yoga", but we want our employees to learn to be less stressed and handle anxiety better. Can you help us?

Of course. I can teach techniques using very corporate-friendly words. Like replacing Meditation with "stress-reduction technique" or Yoga with "exercises to relieve tension". It is easy to customise a program to fit within what ever parameters are set.


Are there any scientific studies that I can review that shows the proven benefits of these techniques? Who performed these studies?

You can find all of this information on our Meditation FAQ page... we always recommend reading and reviewing studies from educated, reputable, non-biased sources. Harvard is one of our favorites that have been leading the industry in scientific proof.


Are there any well-known corporations that have provided meditation instruction to their employees?

Bank of America, Reebok, Delta Dental, IBM, Harvard University are just a few of the many, many large names that have provided these proven techniques to their employees.


We are sending our employees/managers on a team building trip can you travel there to work with them?

Absolutely, Samantha can travel anywhere in the world. She also works with many trained professionals in various countries so details can be easily arranged in advance.


We want to send our employees/managers on a retreat can you put one together for us?

Of course. Samantha has amazing contacts with experience putting together simple to elaborate programs all around the world. She can design a retreat at any location you desire. Anything from a short weekend away packed full of relaxation exercises and training to a full 1-4 week elaborate retreat. She can arrange everything including translators, dinner reservations, local guides, recreation activities, transportation, etc.


We would like to thank some of our best clients/customers for their business what can you help us arrange for them?

Give Samantha a general idea of who your clients are, what you typically do for them, your future goals with them for continued business, any other information you feel she should know, and she can combine her marketing experience with relaxation techniques to create a customised stress-free thank you that strengthens your partnership with them.



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